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Juliana Garofalo

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The versatile Juliana Garofalo has several interests. She works as both a medical assistant and a student physician assistant. However, she has a wide range of hobbies and skills, including knitting, cooking, and outdoor activities like paddling, fishing, and bird watching.

Additionally, Garofalo is an active member of both HawkWatch International and the Connecticut Audubon Society. She also enjoys learning about the amazing wildlife that can be found both in her home state of Connecticut and other regions of the nation, particularly unique birds.

Specifically in regard to Ms. Garofalo, the medical assistant

Garofalo resides in Norwalk, Connecticut. She is pursuing a profession in the medical field while working as a medical assistant. Her interests include women's health, dermatology, surgery, and becoming a physician assistant.

Garofalo believes that recent worldwide events, like as the COVID-19 outbreak, highlight the importance of the healthcare industry. There are serious shortages in the healthcare professions as a result of an increase in the demand for services, employee burnout, and other issues. She believes that as a medical assistant and doctor, her work might enhance patient care and the healthcare industry as a whole.

Special Interests and Hobbies
Ms. Garofalo is more than her job. She has several hobbies besides medicine, many of them include being outdoors.
Garofalo spends a lot of her leisure time in the state's wilderness bird watching with friends and other Audubon Society members. The nearby rivers, which are fantastic locations to watch birds, are where she also enjoys paddling and fishing.

Garofalo and the Connecticut Audubon Society
Garofalo has a strong passion for the Connecticut Audubon Society. She enjoys assisting the Audubon Society in protecting the state's biodiversity and birdlife.
The Connecticut Audubon Society is in charge of overseeing more than 3,300 acres and 21 wildlife sanctuaries. However, the organization does more than merely protect open space. It benefits both citizens of Connecticut and visitors from abroad. The Society teaches more than 100,000 kids and adults each year.

The Connecticut Audubon Society's team of educators, scientists, and volunteers works together to save various species' habitats throughout the state. It is crucial to maintain Connecticut's various species in order for future generations to appreciate them as much as we do.

International Both Juliana and HawkWatch
Garofalo further gives HawkWatch International her time, resources, and efforts. HawkWatch is a different organization committed to preserving the environment via observation, research, and education. HawkWatch International's conservation activities are heavily focused on raptors.

Our understanding of these remarkable animals has substantially enhanced as a result of the struggle to conserve raptor lives and habitats. As a result, the crew is well-versed in the raptors' everyday routines and the necessities for surviving in the significantly shifting ecosystems of the nation and neighboring nations.
Garofalo, a member of HawkWatch International, regularly travels to their Florida Keys headquarters and participates in their activities.

Other Hobbies and Interests
A Renaissance woman, Ms. Garofalo has a variety of passions, interests, and specializations. When baking is involved, she really likes to be in the kitchen. Some of her favorite foods to cook include homemade pizza and sourdough bread. Garofalo built an outdoor pizza oven at her home to upgrade her way of baking pizza.
Garofalo enjoys spending time outside with her loved ones while she's not at home. In addition to bird watching, she enjoys being on the lake and exploring Connecticut's natural environs. In addition to using paddle boarding as a means of exercise and exploration, she enjoys fishing with her father and brothers.

the vicinity of Norwalk, Connecticut
Garofalo now resides in Norwalk, Connecticut. It is a charming community in southwest Connecticut on Long Island Sound. The city is an excellent area to use a boat, paddleboard, kayak, or other watercraft to explore the waterways because it is almost entirely surrounded by water.

Norwalk is a haven for nature lovers, but it also offers a variety of options for dining, shopping, and cultural events. The Sheffield Island Lighthouse, the Norwalk Art Space, and several other cultural places are popular tourist attractions in the city. Fresh fish is readily available in Norwalk, which is recognized for its delicious locally-owned shops.

Garofalo thinks Norwalk is the ideal place to live because of its unrivaled natural beauty. Additionally, the city is a part of the New York City metropolitan area, making it convenient to reach the city's chaos when necessary.

Looking Toward the Future
Juliana desires to give back to her community by using her medical career. She is working hard to become a physician assistant so that she might one day help others live better, more productive lives by using a patient-centered approach to healthcare.

Every year, more than 500 million people depend on the approximately 159,000 physician assistants working in the US to meet their medical needs. Garofalo thinks that some of the millions of patients who need excellent, team-based care may benefit from her knowledge.